Virtual Personal Training

Are you ready to build up your strength, endurance and overall level of fitness? Do you have fitness goals you’ve been trying to achieve for years? Are you overcoming an injury?

If so, virtual personal training can help you meet these goals and improve your readiness for upcoming athletic events. Whether you’re hoping to run a mile or twenty miles, drop 20 pounds or overcome an old injury, virtual personal training could be your pathway to success. Online virtual personal training offers a safe, effective, efficient way of achieving your physical fitness goals.


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How Virtual Personal Training Works

Your training journey starts when you contact us for virtual personal training services. We’ll contact you for an initial consultation, to discuss what you hope to achieve during your training sessions. We’ll want to know what you’ve done to meet your goals so far, how often you’d like to train, what your budget is, and more. We may ask you about your current health status (if you have any injuries), so we can easily fit your personal training sessions to your needs.

Once you’ve had the initial consultation with us, we’ll assign you to a personal trainer who is able to meet your unique needs. Everyone is different, and we have trainers who have different specialties. When you’re working with Power Fitness Online Coaching, we take steps to ensure that your virtual personal training is designed to meet you where you’re at.

What to Expect During Your Personal Training Sessions

During your personal training sessions, you’ll perform workouts to customized plans and coaching from a certified personal trainer who is focused on your unique needs. Each exercise will be designed using methodologies that have been backed by science and selected to help you meet your goals.

Training sessions are often short, especially at first, to avoid injuries, ease you into the training process, and keep training realistic. We’ll build your training sessions around your schedule, and increase the length of training sessions only as needed.

Coaching sessions are made up of the following activities:

  • Coaching and supporting. Coaching and supporting is a critical part of each training session. After all, this is why you hired a personal trainer in the first place! Your personal trainer will offer coaching and support through each session.
  • Goal setting. You may do more goal setting during your initial training sessions, but goal setting continues throughout your time working with your personal trainer. It’s important to always have a goal that you’re working toward. That’s why you’re training.
  • Designing a program. The program will be designed around your goals and limitations. The program that you devise with your personal trainer will be safe and effective.

Is Personal Training Right For Me?

Personal training is for anyone who wants to build up their endurance, physical strength, recover from an injury or meet a specific athletic goal. Virtual personal training offers the additional benefit of being flexible. You don’t have to go somewhere to meet with your physical trainer. You can train at home with help from an expert.

If you’ve always wanted to have a personal trainer, but have a hard time working training into your schedule, virtual personal training may be exactly what you need to make training realistic and achievable for you.

How Is Virtual Personal Training Different From In-Person Training?

Virtual personal training may be maximized for a virtual environment, but that doesn’t mean that virtual sessions sacrifice quality or personal interaction. Your virtual personal trainer is fully skilled and experienced to ensure that you’re able to meet your training goals while interacting together in a virtual environment.

How to Get Started With Your Personal Training Session

If you’re interested in virtual personal training, the first step is to initiate the consultation with Power Fitness Online Coaching. Your initial consultation is not a commitment to engage in virtual personal training – it’s only an opportunity for you to decide whether personal training is right for you, and an opportunity for us to decide how to proceed with your personal training journey.

How to Find a Good Personal Trainer

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