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Fall in love with fitness

Regardless of experience, this is designed for you to start working out and eating better.

Starting a new workout program can be intimidating.  

Do I do weights or HIIT?

Biking or walking?

The truth is the answer is not black or white.  BUT knowing the basics is the best place to start, because THEN you know what to add on and when, in a safe manner that works for you and your lifestyle.

Can You Break It Down For me?

Here's What's Included:

  • 8 Foundation Workouts (Newly Recorded in 2022) showcasing exactly how to do the most common movements properly, thereby minimizing potential injuries
  • 3 Months of BRAND NEW Meal Plans designed to help create new habits while not limiting sweets and treats.  Life is about balance, not elimination.

Zero Deprivation

We do NOT believe in food restraints! Our meal plans are about eating healthy and ENJOYING your meals.


Let's be honest: HIIT programs have turned burpies into our worse enemy. They have a place in a program, but not usually for beginners.

Feel better, Look Better

We can't promise results. Only you can hold those cards. But we know when our clients follow our plans, they look better and feel better.


Are Here To Support You!

Power Fitness Coach
Power Fitness Coach
Power Fitness Coach

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Because If They Can Do It (Yes, they say this) then you can too!


3 options

Depending if you need help with getting moving or meals, or both – we have you covered!

Foundations Plus

$ 49 CAD
  • 8 Brand New Workouts focusing on the basics

Foundations & Meal Plans

$ 99 CAD
  • 8 Brand New Workouts focusing on the basics
  • 3 Months Of Brand New Meal Plans

Meal Plans

$ 49 CAD
  • 3 Months Of Brand New Meal Plans

Our Guarantee

Give it a test drive.  If you’re not happy within 7 days of the challenge starting, we’ll refund your money 100%, no questions asked.  AND keep all the guides we provided. 



No! They’re designed by a busy mom for the busy mom.  Trust us, we get it.  Simple is better.


How do I access the workouts?

There’s an online membership area you will be granted to as soon as you sign up.  In addition, the workouts and weekly recipes are posted in the private, exclusive Facebook Group.

Do i need access to a gym?

NO! We design all our workouts to be done in the comfort of your home.  All that is needed is a mat.  Sometimes we add in dumbbells, resistance bands or blocks but those are optional. 

I need accountability, will i get that?

100%.  All accountability happens within the facebook group and our coaches are available anytime for 1:1 checkins.