Our Story


We’re here to help you track your goals and celebrate your victories, big and small.

After years of playing basketball, our founder Carla Rand suffered chronic knee damage and needed to take time off to rehabilitate her injury. This was when she realized both her physical and mental well-being relied heavily on her ability to stay active. What she loved so much about playing basketball was beyond just staying in shape. She missed her consistent workout regimen and the motivation that accompanied being part of a team. When a physical therapist noticed Carla’s athleticism, paired with her leadership skills and personality, Carla was inspired to begin offering workout classes and creating the community that would soon become Power Fitness. Power Fitness was founded first from a love of helping others, second from a love for fitness. Years later, we still maintain our people-first mentality.

Our goal is to provide a safe, welcoming environment regardless of your fitness level. At Power Fitness Online, we’re committed to teaching classes that educate and inspire so you can live a happier and healthier life. Our goal is not just to help you get fit and stay fit, but to help you flourish in a community of positive, like-minded people, dedicated to being the best version of themselves.


My friend recommended I try Power Fitness. I was very reluctant to join because of my insecurities and limitations. I phoned Carla and had a good chat about my reservations and she suggested I come to try a complimentary class. Well…..it was hard, I’m not going to lie, but it got me out of my comfort zone. It challenged me. The class had modifications to adapt to my fitness level and injuries. I have not looked back from that day. I signed my daughter and me up and it has been 8+ months now. We spend quality time together while getting fit, a WIN-WIN!

Nicole Krebs

I joined Power Fitness in November of 2018 when I found the courage to attend that first trial class. I have suffered from seasonal affective disorder many winters. The previous winter had been particularly difficult. I knew I needed to exercise and be motivated to leave the house during the long winter ahead. I enjoyed the classes from day one. The instructors are all so encouraging and helpful. Some of the moves and weights were a challenge for me but I have gotten stronger. Attending group classes encourages me to push myself further than I would on my own.

Debbie Nodeland


    Our coaches are certified and expertly trained to provide workout recommendations for athletes at every level of fitness. Based on our members’ individual needs, we’re happy to accommodate fitness plans and modify workouts based upon what works best for your body. At Power Fitness Online, we’ve created a community that’s focused on empowering the individual to take care of their health. By leading, educating, and inspiring one another, we all achieve our fitness goals together.

    We live-stream 5 brand new classes every week for those looking to stay fit at home. Workout when it works for you! Power Fitness Online remote at-home workouts are designed to keep you engaged and active for those times when it’s difficult. All of our at-home workouts are led by real fitness instructors committed to making fitness accessible and easy. Let us help you get fit and stay fit!


    We’ll teach you how to treat your body right and fuel it for success. Power Fitness Online gives you the tools you need to get fit and stay fit, in a community that holds you accountable. We promise to help teach you how to nourish your body properly and how to work out safely and effectively. We’ll guide you to push your limits and reach your goals by monitoring your progress and being a consistent resource on your fitness journey.


    Our online workout classes are designed to incorporate all aspects of the body and stimulate a full range of motion. Variety is crucial for an effective full-body workout; our exercise regimens are specifically modified to incorporate cardio, strength training and even stretching. At Power Fitness Online, you’ll be working out at the same time among a diverse group of members all bound by one goal: getting fit and staying fit. Having others by your side in our Private Facebook Group to cheer you on and hold you accountable proves to be much more effective than traditional workouts. Plus, it’s fun!

    We believe staying fit shouldn’t have to feel like hard work. Our workouts are designed to accommodate every fitness level, and our welcoming environment will motivate you to succeed in more ways than one. Our Online Workout are so fun and challenging, you’ll want to come back every week!


    Personalized nutrition coaching is an important factor in meeting your fitness goals. As an add-on service to your membership, Power Fitness Online will work with your specific goals and dietary restrictions to find nutrition solutions that work best for you. Our meal prep classes teach you how to prepare and portion sustainable meals for the week, so you can learn healthy habits hands-on.

    Our nutrition coaching empowers you to take initiative with your own health. As your body and goals change, nutrition coaching helps you adapt your eating habits to your lifestyle and keep you on track to stay fit.