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Power Fitness Online is the only fitness community that’s designed for busy women to get fit and stay fit. From motivating group workout classes to no-nonsense nutrition coaching, Power Fitness Online offers much more than meets the eye for both the body and mind.

We provide our members with an uplifting community and exercise sessions that educate and inspire. Our group workout classes are designed to clear your mind and connect you with your best possible self.

Our team of expert trainers, led by fitness and nutrition leader Carla Rand, are real people with real goals – not paid actors with perfect bodies. Everyone is welcome to join our community workout classes – anyone with any athletic background (or lack thereof!) fits right in with our community.


My friend recommended I try Power Fitness. I was very reluctant to join because of my insecurities and limitations. I phoned Carla and had a good chat about my reservations and she suggested I come to try a complimentary class. Well… was hard, I’m not going to lie, but it got me out of my comfort zone. It challenged me. The class had modifications to adapt to my fitness level and injuries. I have not looked back from that day. I signed my daughter and me up and it has been 8+ months now. We spend quality time together while getting fit, a WIN-WIN!

Nicole Krebs

I joined Power Fitness in November of 2018 when I found the courage to attend that first trial class. I have suffered from seasonal affective disorder many winters. The previous winter had been particularly difficult. I knew I needed to exercise and be motivated to leave the house during the long winter ahead. I enjoyed the classes from day one. The instructors are all so encouraging and helpful. Some of the moves and weights were a challenge for me but I have gotten stronger. Attending group classes encourages me to push myself further than I would on my own.

Debbie Nodeland

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    What Can You Expect After Joining:

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    Our Powerful Promise

    At Power Fitness Online, we give you the tools to live a more healthy lifestyle and teach you how to treat both your mind and body with care. Our mission is to help you get fit and stay fit, as we believe fitness is a journey and not just a destination. We achieve this goal by providing you with a community that holds you accountable and encourages you every step of the way. With the support of others in a positive, stress-free environment, you’ll get a great workout and have fun while you do it.

    Our group workout classes were specifically created to incorporate all aspects of the body. Power Fitness Online workouts stimulate a full range of motion and are safe and effective for any athlete at any level.


    Our exercise regimens are specifically modified to incorporate cardio, strength training, and even stretching, completing a full-body workout. This helps you learn your own body and its’ limits and helps you push past your potential as you grow with us.

    Our team of expert fitness trainers will guide you to always keep improving and help reach your goals. At Power Fitness Online, our trainers support our members by monitoring their athletic progress and remaining a consistently valuable resource throughout their fitness journey. 

    Power Fitness Coach
    Power Fitness Coach
    Power Fitness Coach