Who's Jessica?

We’re glad you asked! Jessica is one of our rockstar Power Fitness members.

One of the questions we’re sure you’re probably wondering is… What’s going on here?

The truth is, besides the fact Jessica loves being a member of the Power Fitness family, she couldn’t be more happy with the results she’s already seeing!

Which means, we’ll all be following along with Jessica on her journey.

What does it entail you may ask? Well keep reading below and don’t forget to find out how you can begin your own journey and grow alongside Jessica!

Hi! I'm Jessica!
Hi! I'm Jessica!

Why I Joined Power Fitness & My First Thoughts!

Why I Started Jessica's Journey

Hey there! Coach Carla here.👋

I know a lot of you have probably been wondering as to why I started Jessica’s Journey. It’s a fair question!

But let me ask you something. Have you ever watered a plant? Giving it so much attention on a daily basis to help it grow?

Well as it grows you can show others and encourage them to do the same and be proud of yourself for doing so!

That’s why I started! Jessica said “I’d really like to talk about my health and how I can do better” and boom, lightbulb!💡

Jessica and I put our heads together. We jumped straight into it and here we are!

The best part? You get to join along with Jessica and watch her journey!

What’s even better?

You now have the opportunity to grow alongside Jessica and use the same program that her and many others have used to drastically change their health and not to mention, their lives.

And we know Jessica would want you to join!

One of her biggest goals was to lead by example to inspire others to take that first step.

Want To Join Jessica On Her Journey?

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So, What Exactly Is
Jessica Doing?

Jessica has taken it upon herself, with the support of Coach Carla and the Power Fitness team, to change herself for the better.

Jessica’s Journey is all about Jessica starting her adventure on Power Fitness Premium! Carla’s most exclusive and personalized program, and Jessica is loving it!

Carla’s exclusive course includes:

Want To Join Jessica On Her Journey?

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