How to Find a Good Personal Trainer

How to Find a Good Personal Trainer

Amazing personal trainers don’t just show you exercises, they motivate you, inspire you and help you to improve your mind, body and soul. How do you go about finding that one special personal trainer who is amazing when there are so many out there?

It will take a little work and research to find an amazing personal trainer, but it isn’t impossible. Use the following advice and you should be able to find a good personal trainer.

What type of motivation works best for you?

Do you work better when a person is strict and tough or would you feel more motivated with someone who is positive, upbeat and encouraging? While every person is unique, most people find they are more motivated when working with personal trainers who take a positive approach to coaching.

Do the personal trainer’s classes and workout sessions fit your schedule?

Finding time to workout isn’t always easy when you lead a busy life. It is important to find a personal trainer who offers classes and sessions that fit your schedule. If your schedule is unpredictable, you might want to consider opting for an online personal trainer or a personal training program, like Power Fitness Online, that offers a combination of in-person and online fitness classes.

How to find a Good Personal Trainer

Asking for recommendations from family and friends may help you narrow down your search for a personal trainer, but it might not always be helpful. The type of personal trainer and fitness program that works for one person might not work for another. That is why the best way to find a personal trainer that works for you is to attend a class or session.

Look for a free, no-obligation trial offer like the one offered by Power Fitness Online. These offers allow you to see for yourself exactly what you can expect if you were to attend regular training sessions with this coach. You can see how the trainer structures their workout, how motivating they are, and how they interact with their students. If the program or the personal trainer isn’t a good fit for you, you aren’t out any money.

What are the Signs of a Bad Personal Trainer?

Bad personal trainers are easy to spot because they all tend to do the same things. It may be time to consider finding a new personal trainer if you notice your current one does any of the following things:

Overcomplicates workouts – workout sessions should be designed so you push yourself, but they shouldn’t be so complicated that you are left feeling overwhelmed or confused.

Focused more on scheduling or pushing you to buy new supplements or products – personal trainers who are focused on these two things tend to be more interested in making money than in helping you to improve. Look for a personal trainer who is focused on helping you see improvements and results.

Gives you a specific meal plan to follow – No personal trainer should ask you to follow a strict diet. Instead, a good personal trainer is one who is focused on educating you on how to eat healthy. This can be done by providing recipe suggestions or offering nutritional coaching and classes.

What Certifications Should a Personal Trainer Have?

Personal trainers throughout Canada are not required to be certified. However, most reliable, experienced personal trainers will have at least one of the following types of certifications:

Pros and Cons of Hiring an Online Personal Trainer

Many personal trainers are moving away from the physical gym and taking their expertise to the virtual world. While this type of setup is ideal for those who lead busy lives, just like with in person personal training, there are benefits and disadvantages to working with an online trainer.

Understanding the pros and cons of hiring an online trainer will help you determine if this type of personal training is right for you.

Pros of Working with an Online Personal Trainer

Some of the advantages of working with an online personal trainer are:

  • Flexibility in accessing classes and training sessions
  • Access to additional support programs such as meal planning and nutritional coaching
  • Cost –online personal training programs are more affordable than in-person personal training programs
  • Receive professional guidance from experienced personal trainers in the comfort of your own home

Some of the disadvantages of working with an online personal trainer are:

Inability to receive personal feedback regarding technique – working with a live trainer you can receive valuable feedback about technique and form that reduce your chances of getting injured. Depending upon the setup of your online fitness training, you may not have access to personalized feedback. This increases your risk of injury as you are not using proper form and technique when working out.

Personal accountability – you will be responsible for motivating yourself to sign in and take part in the online training programs. If you are someone who needs additional support, extremely busy or easily distracted you may find it difficult to motivate yourself to work out.

No access to specialized equipment – unless you have a personal gym at your home, your online fitness training could be limited because you don’t have access to specialized equipment. You can purchase the equipment, but that is an extra expense that you wouldn’t have if you were receiving personal training in person.

Join Power Fitness Online and Get the Best of Both Worlds with Online and In-Person Personal Trainers

When you join Power Fitness Online, you get the best of both worlds. Your membership includes access to fun, motivating online workouts that promise to challenge you both physically and mentally. In addition to our online fitness programs, you will have access to our in-person workouts and fun fitness events.

This comprehensive approach to fitness training allows you to choose the instructional method that is best for you.

Like working out surrounded by others? Just join in one of the many weekly in-person workouts.

Finding it hard to get to the gym because your schedule is booked? Hop online and take part in one of our challenging, yet fun online workouts. Our workouts go live every day Monday through Friday, but members have access to the videos so they can work out as their schedule permits.

Curious to see if Power Fitness Online is right for you? Give us a try for a week. We offer a free, no-obligation trial. Sign up today and see for yourself the support we provide for our community.

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