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Join us on our six week fitness challenge! We’ll test your limits, push you to do better & be there all along the way!

What You’ll Receive:

When: April 13th – May 25th 2021

Cost To Enter: $200! Half is instantly put back into the prize money!

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Trying to get fit, but also trying to get paid? This is for you!
Customized Nutrition Plan
Strategic Workouts
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Have you ever wanted to get in shape? Maybe you've tried meal plans, workouts, personal trainers... none of it worked right? Well what if we gave you a six week challenge with customized nutrition plans, an ambitious community of peers to help you... and we paid you?!? Sounds like a no brainer right? We thought so!

Stay Fit With Coach Carla!

Coach Carla has coached numerous people on the ways of becoming fit and staying fit. She recognizes that health is not a one shoe fits all and truly gives it her best to help each and every individual she meets. Over time she’s curated a following of thousands, teaching them how to be and stay healthy. More than anything else, besides her own results, Carla’s joy comes from helping others and seeing them succeed.

Carla started this fitness jackpot to encourage users to not only want to get in shape, but to earn a little extra financial assistance… because let’s be real, we could all use some! Through encouragement, support and the help of small businesses, she’s certain this challenge will be a success for many… however, there can only be one winner of the master jackpot.

Will that be you? Well, you’ll never know unless you join! Don’t be shy, Carla is known for turning introverts into extroverts in a matter of days! Start chasing the lifestyle and person you truly want to be!

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