Custom Workout Plan

It’s always easy to find an excuse to not go to the gym – too hot, too cold, too rainy, too dry, too…well, anything.

But what if the gym could come to you? How cool would that be?

Truthfully, it would certainly be quite cool if all the amazing elements of a fitness center, such as the people and the equipment, made house calls and came right to your door. But the next best thing is virtual workouts provided by Power Fitness Online, where you can at least take part in exercise and other wellness activities from the comfort of your home.
Power Fitness Online allows you to access a variety of training options provided by skilled employees, including exercise routines and nutritional coaching.

This means that if you live anywhere in the world – or even the Edson area but aren’t able to make it to the gym in person — you can take advantage of a wide assortment of virtually designed to help everyone look better and feel better, regardless of athletic ability.

With the online options, anyone is welcome to come and learn, whether they’re seasoned gym-goers or out of shape but motivated, even if they don’t quite know how to get started on their fitness journeys. The skilled instructors are trained in helping everyone whether they’re in person or tuning in from a computer or mobile device in another city, province, or country.

Power Fitness Online is proud to offer regular group classes and access to other programs such as nutritional counseling and meal prep classes. Members receive access to an impressive database of workout sessions, as well as a private Facebook page where they can get to know the staff and other members, find out about upcoming activities, or get regular tips for better exercise and better living.

Custom Workout Plan

What about people who may need a little more guidance, or aren’t sure about the value of just showing up and jumping into a class?

Luckily, Power Fitness Online is happy to offer custom workout plans for all levels.

Our trained fitness professionals will always be happy to sit down virtually with our members to put together a detailed plan that helps members accomplish their fitness goals. But before this, they also have to identify what the goal or goals are.

Want to lose a certain amount of weight? Lower your BMI or blood pressure? Fit into a certain dress or a swimsuit? Or how about gaining strength, flexibility, or endurance for a specific reason or general wellness reasons?

Our professionals will enjoy working with you to put together a plan that involves exercise, diet, and possible lifestyle changes such as stopping smoking or cutting out certain foods or beverages.

We won’t tell people it will be easy, but it will be easier with our help and encouragement.


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How to Build a Workout Plan

Every member is a little different in their metabolism and current physical health, which means every custom workout plan is a little different as well.

Once your goals are identified, it’s time to figure out how to get there.

Our professionals will take the time to learn about you, your past history of exercise and physical health, and any physical limitations.

For instance, someone with a past broken leg or recent knee surgery may not be able to fully move these limbs and joints so exercise plans may have to be adjusted. They may have certain allergies or dietary needs that could keep them from using certain foods in a diet plan.

They also may need to establish realistic but safe goals, even if weight loss may not come as quickly as some may want. For instance, a “crash” diet severely cutting out all food has the possibility of backfiring badly by stressing the body and causing other physical problems such as hair loss. This is due to the body thinking it’s literally starving itself and reacting accordingly.

Part of creating an effective workout plan involves finding the right balance of smart food intake and calorie burn through a safe amount of exercise.

Personal Trainers

All the trainers at Power Fitness Online believe fitness should be fun and that it should fit into everyone’s lifestyle. They know that many members have limited schedules and other personal and professional obligations on a typical day. So, they try to be effective and encouraging in whatever time the member can commit to regularly.

Our trainers enjoy providing the tools to help our members improve their bodies and minds, but we don’t just give them the tools or develop a custom workout plan and then leave them alone to try to tackle it on their own. We enjoy regular check-ups and check-ins, and we also enjoy seeing the growth of their confidence, accountability, and motivation to not only meet and crush their initial goals but then set new goals.

Many people find that when they successfully lose weight and gain muscle by following a plan, it’s easier to continue these positive habits.

How to Find a Good Personal Trainer

Get the Support You Need and Sign Up for Personal Training from Power Fitness Online

All the support you could ever want or need is right here at Power Fitness Online. All you have to do is sign up and you will have access to experienced, knowledgeable and inspiring personal trainers.

We look forward to helping you reach your goals. Contact us today to learn more about our personal training program.

Curious to see if Power Fitness Online is right for you? We offer new members the chance to try our services for free for a week. This no-obligation trial offer allows you to see for yourself exactly what the personal trainers at Power Fitness Online can do for you.


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