About US


Carla Rand founded Power Fitness after playing way too much basketball in college. She suffered chronic knee damage as a result of her lifelong love of athletics. Playing another season would no longer be an option. Carla was crushed. She realized her mental and physical well-being relied on staying active, so she got moving.

While rehabilitating her injury, an instructor noticed Carla’s drive, athleticism, and leadership. Carla took this opportunity and fueled it into motivation, a lesson she hopes to bring to her students as a lead instructor at Power Fitness.

Fast forward many years later, and Carla’s Power Fitness has become a full-service fitness studio specializing in empowering athletes of all kinds. With our nutrition coaching and meal prep classes, Carla’s inspiration for Power Fitness has manifested itself beyond her dreams. We don’t just teach classes and send you home. We give you the tools to lead a healthier lifestyle and fully transform the state of your body and mind. We talk with each member and discover their goals, what challenges they face, and how we can help. By combining her passion for exercise with her love of helping others, Carla’s dream for Power Fitness is to help you get fit and stay fit. Power Fitness provides you with the confidence, accountability, and motivation to get into a life-changing routine. Beyond losing weight and gaining muscle, you’ll feel emotionally and mentally resilient – stronger overall.


One of the most common gripes of our new members is that they stay motivated for a few weeks at the gym and then plateau. Our expert fitness instructors realized that the missing ingredient to staying fit was education. Our nutrition coaching and meal prep classes are designed to help transform your lifestyle and end those empty workout sessions that don’t yield results past the first weeks. Every Online Workout we host is designed to incorporate a full-body workout and keep your heart rate increased long enough to break a sweat and burn fat. You’re guaranteed to look and feel healthier in your first week. At Power Fitness Online, we believe fitness should be fun and flexible. Discover the benefits of increased energy levels and the motivation that comes with newfound friendships in the fitness community. There’s so much more to wellness than losing weight and gaining muscle.


As always, Power Fitness holds itself to high standards for our members. We are committed to keeping our facilities clean and consistently sanitized for the health and safety of all who enter. We follow all industry health and cleanliness guidelines and maintain a safe environment in accordance with all local and national regulations. By monitoring the current health environment, we ensure the best possible community (plus peace of mind!) for our guests and members.

People of all capabilities and backgrounds will always be welcome at Power Fitness Online. We understand the challenges of the modern world: work, families, and juggling a work-life balance can all affect our health and what we do with our free time. Our mission is to make fitness easy, accessible and fun for the modern-day athlete. Come experience the warm and welcoming community that is Power Fitness, and learn what it takes to get fit and stay fit.